The 2018 Bristol Harbour Festival : 20th – 22nd July.

'Bristol Res' Blog • 12 July 2018

The Bristol Harbour Festival has celebrated the city’s proud maritime heritage every year since 1971.   Next weekend (20-22nd July) the 47th Bristol Harbour Festival brings even more live music, maritime events, street performances, dance, food and fireworks to the harbour than ever before.

The free event is expected to bring crowds of over 250,000 people and will stretch from Underfell’s Yard along the floating harbour past the SS Great Britain, Wapping Wharf, Millennium Square, Cascade Steps and right into Queens Square in the heart of the city.

Highlights are expected to be ; the Friday night launch party in Lloyds Amphitheatre with reggae legend Jimmy Cliff, the flotilla of ships and boats that will moor up across the weekend, the rowing teams taking part in the new Power8 Sprints, the ever amusing cardboard boat race, Cirque Bijou performing in Queen Square, the Maritime Shindig at Wapping Wharf and the huge number of local performers who will be appearing across the various stages throughout the weekend.

For a full list of events across the weekend please click Whats On

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Incorrect name invalidates ‘How to Rent ‘ guide ! – new guide must be used
In late June the Government released a series of 4 ‘how to’ guides for the private rented sector and leasehold homes in England.
This series included the statutory ‘How to Rent guide – a guide for current and perspective tenants in the private rented sector in England’  which had be given to every new tenant prior to the commencement of a tenancy.   Just two weeks on however and they have amended the guide and updated its name to ‘How To Rent Guide – the checklist for renting in England’. 

It transpires that the regulation insisting landlords and agents furnish the tenant with the guide actually names the guide that must be provided as ‘How to Rent Guide – the checklist for renting in England’.  It is therefore viewed that the previous version, which had a different name, is not the correct guide !

As previously stated failure to issue the latest How to Rent Guide by the landlord or letting agent to a tenant will invalidate any future section 21 action they may wish to take.

Legal advice is therefore for landlords and agents to make sure they are using this latest version as technically the courts would deem landlords issuing Junes version of the guide to have not adhered to the appropriate guidelines.

Please find below the correct version of ‘How to Rent Guide – the checklist for renting in England along with the other 3 guides.

How to Rent a Safe Homehighlighting common hazards within a property and detailing a landlords duty to safeguard against these.
How to Let helping landlords understand their responsibilities.
How to Leasehelping individuals understand leasehold properties

Should you have any questions arising from these guides please don’t hesitate to contact me or one of our team.

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