Bristol’s ban on diesel vehicles is approved by council

'Bristol Res' Blog • 07 November 2019

Bristol’s ban on diesel vehicles is approved by council

At a meeting on Tuesday,  Bristol City Council approved a proposal that all privately owned diesel vehicles will be barred from entering the city centre clean air zone for eight hours a day.

In a bid to improve air quality Bristol is set to become the first UK city to ban diesel cars.  Mayor Marvin Rees said we have a “moral, ecological and legal duty” to cut pollution after the measure was approved by the city council on Tuesday evening.

The plans will mean that between the hours of 7am and 3pm, from March 2021, all privately owned diesel vehicles will be barred from entering the city centre clean air zone – see above.

The proposals are subject to government approval and consultation with local residents however the plans have already been submitted to the government this week. They were due to be submitted at the end of last year but the council missed that deadline and two subsequent deadlines.

The council will now develop the plans further, and consult on exemptions, mitigation’s and requirements, before submitting its final plans early next year.

Drivers breaking the ban will be fined. Although Councillors have considered introducing a £60 penalty, Mr Rees said the size of the fine is yet to be finalised.

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Bristol switches to digital parking scheme

 Resident parking schemes across the city are going digital this month.  Since RPZ’s were brought in under the city’s previous mayor – George Ferguson, all drivers have had to display a paper permit in order to park on many of the cities streets. 

Whilst permits are still required registration will now be on line creating a digital permit which will replace the need to physically display one in the vehicle.

Bristol City Council  cabinet member for transport Kye Dudd said: “Moving to a digital system will significantly improve the customer experience for residents and businesses.”Mr Dudd added “The digital process will allow people to self-manage the majority of permit services themselves at any time of the day, including applying for digital resident permits or changing their vehicle registration number.

It also means residents do not need to display permits in their vehicles, which could be lost, stolen or damaged, and removes the inconvenience of waiting for a new permit to arrive in the post when residents apply for a permit for the first time, renew an existing permit or if they have a need to register a new vehicle.Residents will also be able to apply for digital visitor permits, which are activated in the same way. This will be welcome news for people who receive regular visitors.”

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St Catherine’s Place shopping centre set poised for large investment

A currently run down and unloved area of Bedminster, St Catherine’s Place Shopping Centre, is set to receive much needed investment by local developer Firmstone.

Support for the scheme has been given by the Bedminster Business Improvement District (BID) and a number of local independent businesses who have already expressed an interest in locating in the shopping centre should the regeneration project go ahead.

Simon Dicken, chairman of Bedminster BID said: “This redevelopment will mark the start of an exciting evolution for Bedminster and the surrounding area.  Firmstone’s £5million plans promise a new lease of life to both businesses and the community along with vital new homes”

Firmstone has already built 54 new apartments in Catherine’s House, which was formerly an office building, and is part of the wider St Catherine’s Place scheme.

Francis Firmstone, director of local developers Firmstone, added: “We are delighted to have the support of hundreds of Bedminster-based businesses who can clearly see the enormous advantages and investment this large-scale regeneration project will offer.  The level of interest from Bristol-based food and drink retailers and operators – particularly at this early stage ahead of planning approval – shows just how much potential and excitement there is about a newly refurbished shopping centre and the regeneration of Bedminster as a whole”

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