Housing minister confirms repossession reform.

'Bristol Res' Blog • 17 May 2019

Housing minister confirms repossession reform.

Following on from the announcement over Easter that the government was going to scrap section 21 notices – the most common method used to gain possession of a property, Housing minister Heather Wheeler has been forced to confirm that the government will make changes to the existing court repossession process.alongside its plans to scrap the Section 21 evictions process.Writing for the Residential Landlords Association (RLA), Wheeler concedes that landlords who try to repossess properties via the courts often find the process ‘unduly slow and complex’.

She then pledges that there will be ‘changes in the law’ and ‘the court process’, writing that ‘resourcing will need to go hand in glove with tenancy reform’ to meet the needs of landlords as well as renters.

Wheeler, who is MP for South Derbyshire and has the official title of Under-Secretary of State at the Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government, writes that the ‘vast majority of landlords provide tenants with a decent home and good quality service’, adding that ‘few landlords evict good tenants without sound reason’.

She also confirms that the government is aiming to ensure that the changes to the evictions process following the proposed removal of so-called Section 21 no fault repossessions work for both tenants and landlords.

The Residential Landlords Association have created an online survey to encourage landlords to provide feedback on the proposed changes to the eviction process. The survey can be accessed here – COMPLETE SURVEY

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Bristol named amongst the first cities in the UK to get 5G access in July

Earlier this week Vodafone announced that 5G technology is set to arrive in Bristol in a matter of weeks.

Seven cities across the UK are involved in the initial roll out to receive faster and more reliable data speeds.  The first wave of cities that will see these changes from July 3 are Bristol, Birmingham, Cardiff, Glasgow, Manchester, Liverpool, and London.

Vodafone have also stated that there will be no price difference between the price of 4G and 5G access and have said a choice of 5G smartphones will appear in stores to coincide with the roll-out this summer – the first of which will hit the market next week.

Vodafone are promising that 5G data will offer consumers a significant improvement in internet speeds, giving users the option to download a high-resolution film in a matter of minutes, as well as tackling the issue of lost signal in a crowded location or at a large event.

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