Tenant fees bill passes 2nd Lords reading without amendment. 

'Bristol Res' Blog • 22 November 2018

On Tuesday the Tenant Fees Bill passed Committee Stage in the House of Lords. Although changes to the legislation were called for from various peers, including a cap to the sharer charge, it passed without further amendment.

The Bill now moves on to the Report Stage where it’s the final opportunity for any members of the House of Lords to put forward any last minute amendments and put them to the vote.

It is then expected to receive royal consent early in the new year before shortly becoming law.

The Restaurant That Makes Mistakes – opens in Bristol

A restaurant staffed entirely by those with dementia has just opened in Bristol.  Overseen by Michelin-starred Bristol chef Josh Eggleton the restaurant is based in the old fire station on Silver Street. The short-term project, open until 12 December and being filmed by Channel 4, will air in spring 2019.

The ground-breaking new series, supported by The Alzheimer’s Society, hopes to open the eyes of policy makers and employers on a quest to destigmatise dementia.

Inspired by a real-life Japanese pop-up eatery that opened in Tokyo last year, it aims to change how dementia is viewed by supersizing the concept through The Restaurant That Makes Mistakes, which will see diners served by individuals living with the condition.
A host of celebrity diners and members of the public will visit the restaurant over a five-week period to put the newly trained staff to the test. Having spent the month prior learning the tricks of the trade, the contributors’  journey will be followed by Channel 4 – expect a sometimes poignant, sometimes funny but overall surprising, feel-good series, as they are put to work in one of the most high-pressure, tough working environments there is.

To book a table call 07749 883 545 or email

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Demolition begins at Westmoreland House

The skyline in Stokes Croft changed forever this week as the first bricks and debris fell from Westmoreland House.  The demolition team finally started work on the derelict site that is being developed Bristol based developer The PG Group.

Stuart Gaiger, development director of PG Group, said: “This is an exciting day for all of us here because we have all lived with this building for quite a long time and we’ve seen it get into a worse and worse state. Now should be the final chapter in this building’s life.”

Chair of CAG, Lori Streich was keen to remember how Westmoreland House had been a state of the art building in its day, one that was only in use for 15 years, a short time compared to how it has been stood empty now for at least twice that time.

“Part of me that feels sad for its loss but, having said that, it has stood derelict and has blighted the area for the last 35 years and is a ruin. It has to go. So, the start of the demolition today is a fantastic step forward to achieve the regeneration of the site as a whole,” said Lori.

Work is due to start on building the new 112 homes and 1000 sq m of commercial units that will regenerate the area mid way through next year.

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