No electricity

How to diagnose a power cut

Check if your neighbours have electricity. If they don’t, it’s likely that the fault is on the electricity network. If everyone else has power and your home doesn’t, it’s likely to be an issue with your own fuses or trip switches. If your fuses and trip switches are OK, then you could have an internal wiring or appliance fault.

How to isolate a fault with your wiring or appliances

If your power has cut out, it may be that an electrical item in your property is causing a fault. There are a few things you can do yourself before an electrician needs to attend. First, find your fuse box/consumer unit. This should contain Miniature Circuit Breakers (MCBs, these are generally up/down flip switches).  You may also have a main trip switch, this will have a ‘push to test’ or a ‘reset’ button similar to that described above.

  1. With the main trip switch on and your main power turned off, flip all of the individual switches off.
    Without turning the power back on flip ONE switch back into the on position. After that please turn the power back on.
    3. If the power works and the main trip switch does not switch off, try switching off your power again and repeat the process, adding ONE switch at a time. Eventually the switch protecting the faulty circuit will cause the main trip to operate, when this happens switch the power back off and reset the main trip switch. Turn the last flip switch back to off.
    4. Next, flip all your other circuit switches back on. Turn the power on once more and if there’s only one fault the power should stay on.
    5. Turning the power off again, you need to unplug or switch off everything that runs on the faulty circuit. Common culprits are kettles, immersion heaters, and hot plates on electric cookers. Once done, try flipping the switch back on. If the main trip goes again and there is nothing plugged in then there is probably a problem with the wiring and you’ll need an electrician.
    6. If the power remains on and the main trip does not operate, then one or more of the appliances you have removed is faulty. Turn off the power again and plug in and switch on ONE appliance before switching the main power back on. Repeat this until the main trip switch goes. When this happens the last thing you plugged in should be removed before testing again. If the power stays on, you’ve found your faulty appliance.


Should this not resolve the issue then please call you Property Manager.