Tenants to be given right to sue landlords for unfit properties

'Bristol Res' Blog • 22 February 2019

The Homes (Fitness for Human Habitation) Act becomes law on 20th March 2019, making landlords more accountable for the condition of their properties.

Tenants will be able to sue their landlords for cold or damp homes under the new law. If a landlord fails to carry out any necessary repairs or maintenance, the tenant will be able to take them to court where a judge can issue an injunction forcing the work to be carried out.

According to the housing charity Shelter, around 1 million rented homes in the UK are not fit for human habitation. The responsibility has rested with local councils to police these issues as per the Landlord & Tenant Act 1985, but now the power will been handed to those most affected i.e. the tenants.

Landlords will have to ensure their properties meet certain standards at the beginning of and throughout the tenancy. The law applies to issues including damp, natural lighting, ventilation, water supply, drainage and sanitary conveniences. The new rules also include the so called ‘Grenfell clause’ allowing tenants to take action over communal areas in shared buildings.

Of course, good landlords with good quality properties have nothing to worry about. As your managing agent, The Bristol Residential Letting Co will ensure that your property is in excellent condition for new tenant. We conduct regular inspections throughout the tenancy and will act on any maintenance issues raised by the tenants.

Further information on the new law can be found here



Bristol wins crown of UK’s best city for house sharers

Another week, another accolade for the City we love to call home.

New research has revealed that Bristol is the best city for house shares. Being a young, vibrant city, it comes as no surprise. Students and young professionals make up a large part of the population and house sharing is a great way of cutting household costs while enjoying a good social scene.

The study carried out by utilities provider Glide ranked cities across the UK on a number of metrics. These included cost of renting, university rankings, broadband speeds, number of house share opportunities on offer, number of jobs advertised and local amenities. Despite rents being the 3rd highest on the list, the other metrics were so good that Bristol claimed first place. The top 3 was completed by Nottingham & Birmingham.

With more tenants choosing to go into 3/4 bed house shares to cut costs, it makes a good option for investment. Finding houses with double bedrooms and good communal space and close to the City Centre, will help attract the best tenants. If you are considering investing in this type of property, we would be happy to help you make the right investment decision.