All rented properties must meet tough energy efficiency standard by April 1st 2020

The deadline for rented properties to meet Minimum Energy Efficiency Standards (MEES) is nearly upon us.

For those that regularly read Our City News, you will be aware that since April 2018, landlords have been required to achieve a minimum rating of E on an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) for their rental property. This applies for new tenancies or tenancy renewals.

As of 1st April 2020 however, this will be extended to cover existing tenancies, meaning all rented properties will need to have a minimum rating of E, even if there has been no change in tenancy. The government is bringing in these changes with the aim of achieving an 80% reduction in carbon emissions by 2050 and it is hoped that improvements to the UK’s least energy efficient homes will contribute to achieving this goal.

Fines of up to £150,000 are in place for properties that are non-compliant so since 2018 we have thoroughly audited our portfolio of properties to ensure they have an Energy Efficiency rating of E or higher. For those that have fallen short, our experienced team have organised works to improve these  properties such as replacing storage heaters with new modern panel heaters, replacing boilers, or installation of cavity wall and loft insulation. Under the regulations there is currently a cost cap which means landlords are only required to spend £3,500 amking improvements.. For cases where a property cannot be improved sufficiently to achieve an EPC rating of E for £3,500 or less, landlords must take all steps up to £3,500 and register an ‘all improvements made’ exemption.

It’s important for landlords and agents to act on these improvements where they are required. All properties under management with The Bristol Residential Letting co that fell short of the Band E standard have or are currently receiving our help to make sure the requirements are met. Should a landlord manage their own property they are very welcome to contact our team for help or guidance if needed. If you are unsure whether your property meets the requirements you can easily check your property’s EPC rating by entering clicking here and entering the postcode of your property into the register.

Please note that Band E is intended to be a temporary minimum standard.  The government has set out its long-term vision to continue to improve energy efficiency standards in privately rented homes in the UK to EPC Band D by 2025 and EPC Band C by 2030. At The Bristol Residential Letting Co, we are fully behind these new regulations with the overall aim to continuously improve the quality and energy efficiency of homes in our city. With the profile of EPCs increasing and climate change being at the forefront of many young people’s minds we are expecting young professionals to be placing a greater emphasis on a properties EPC in years to come.

Should you want more information regarding Minimum Energy Efficiency Standards (MEES), please feel free to contact me or anyone else in our experienced team. In addition to this our governing body, Arla PropertyMark, have prepared a fact sheet on MEES that provides all the latest information.

Don’t forget every rented property must have a minimum of a Band E rated EPC or have qualified for an exemption by April 1st 2020. Failure to do this will risk the landlord receiving a substantial fine.

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